How toSave energy today

Below are a few simple and quick free energy saving tips.

By following these you could make a few simple changes to your home and lifestyle that could instantly start to help reduce your heating, gas and electricity bills.


Turn that heating down.

Turning your thermostat down by as little as 1°C can save you as much as £60 per year.

Layer up

Why not pop on a jumper, some socks or a pair of comfy slippers instead of turning the heating up. Also hunker down under a blanket or throw, whilst you are watching tv.

Cosy bedtime

When the nights start to get colder why not change to a higher tog duvet or snuggle up under an extra blanket or two as a warm bed means you won't need to use so much heat.

Enjoy the sunshine

On a sunny day, open your curtains wide to let in all the lovely sunshine and warmth but when it's cold and dark outside, don't forget to close them early to keep all your heat in.

Love your washing line

Line dry your laundry on warm and windy days instead of using your tumble dryer. Line drying is more gentle on your clothing, making it last longer and you will also get to enjoy that lovely fresh outdoor smell.

Clever cook

Leave your oven door open after you have cooked your tea and let the heat warm your kitchen. Dont switch on your extractor fan through, as this will send all this lovely free heat straight outside.

Switch off not standby

Don't leave appliances on standby mode, always unplug them or turn them off at the socket when you are not using them as some continue to use electricity.

Cook a batch

If you're going to use your oven to cook one meal,  why not make and cook a few extra meals at the same time for later in the week. These can then be eaten cold or given a quick blast in the microwave.

A happy fridge

If you keep you fridge and freezer fully stocked with food, they will not have to work as hard so will use less energy. Also make sure that you regularly dust the rear of them as dust and dirt does not allow them to release heat properly and this will affect performance and energy efficiency.