Green dealinstallers

Only an authorized Green Deal Installer carrying the green deal quality mark can install energy efficiency improvements under the Green Deal finance programme.

The Government has gone to great lengths to make sure that every installer adheres to the Green Deal code of practise and all installers must be a member of either the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) or by the British Standards Institution.

Property owners can choose to use a Green Deal provider or they can choose an independent installer. If you go directly to a Green Deal provider, the provider will co-ordinate the installation work, this can be done by using in-house installers or sub-contractors who are independent approved installers

Installers must keep records of all Green Deal work that they carry out and these records can be used to rectify any issues that you may have with a Green Deal installer. Your Green Deal provider will be the first port of call if you have cause to complaint about an installation and they will rectify complaints as swiftly as possible.