Green DealHow does an Assessment work?

When a Green Deal Advisor carries out a Green Deal Assessment they will always use standardised software to identify what energy efficiency or micro generation improvements you can make and what the financial savings would be.

The assessor may ask you questions including how many people live in your home, what energy efficient measures are already installed and whether your home is in a conservation area or built in a non-traditional way. Standardised software is used to ensure all assessments are fair and impartial.

Once the assessment has been carried out the advisor will give you a Green Deal Advice Report which makes suggestions and recommendations based on which measures will return the best results and save you most money, over the next 25 years. This report includes an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which ranks your home’s current energy efficiency on a scale of A to G and an Occupancy Assessment, which assesses how you use energy in your home depending on how many people occupy the property.

Your assessor will also provide you with a repayment estimate. This estimate will outline how the payments could work but will not include the actual interest rate that a Green Deal provider will charge. Only a quote from a Green Deal Provider will provide you with this information