green dealAbout the Loan

The amount an actual householder can borrow is determined by which measures are recommended once a Green Deal Advise Report (GDAR) is completed and all homes have different requirements.


The limit to Green Deal Finance on a domestic property is £10000.

To protect each Homeowner or private tenant the Green Deal ‘Golden Rule’ will always be applied to each loan to make sure that the amount (charge) attached to the property does not exceed the expected savings and the length of the payment period does not exceed the lifetime of the measures installed.

This Golden Rule protects both homeowners and private tenants by making sure that any measures installed, actually save you money and make your home more energy efficient.

Maximum lifetime of measures
Measure Maximum life (yrs)
Condensing boilers 12
Heating controls 12
Under-floor heating 25
Heat recovery systems 25
Mechanical ventilation (non-domestic) 25
Flue gas recovery devices 25
Cavity wall insulation 25*
Loft insulation 25*
Flat roof insulation 25
Internal wall insulation 25*
External wall insulation 25*
Draught proofing 10
Floor insulation 25
Heating system insulation (cylinder, pipes) 10
Energy efficient glazing and doors 20
Lighting fittings 25
Lighting controls 25
Innovative hot water systems 25
Water efficient taps and showers 25
Ground and air source heat pumps 20
Solar thermal 25
Solar PV 23
Biomass boilers 20
Micro-CHP 25
* Capped at 25 years