Conserve Efficient hot water showers

Efficient (water/energy saving) shower heads are a quick and simple way of using less water and energy whilst you are showering.

There main type of water and energy saving showerhead is an aerated shower head which has a mechanism which mixes air and water together to increase the flow of the shower. This reduces the volume of water which is passing through your shower but not the pressure, so you will be able to use your shower normally but it will be using less water.

Efficient hot water showers
25 Maximum lifetime of measure (yrs)

Some water-saving shower heads also use tricks such as reducing the flow rate, 'pulsating' the water or having a flow restrictor built into the shower hose to save water but which ever type of efficient shower head you choose, it will typically cut the flow of water you are using by about half.

  • Efficient hot water showers Advantages

  • You will use less water and less energy to run your shower.
  • Easy to fit by a competent DIYer.
  • Compatible with power showers, mixer showers and bath/shower mixers.
  • Compatible with power showers, mixer showers and bath/shower mixers.
  • Installation is quick and easy and does not cause disruption.
  • Efficient hot water showers Disadvantages

  • Unlikely to be compatible with electric showers

Available with

You can get grants for Efficient hot water showers, below are the schemes this is available with.

* According to data sourced from the Energy Saving Trust website.