Conserve Hot water cylinder insulation

Insulating your hot water cylinder by fitting a tank jacket, could save you around £45 a year.

Fitting a tank jacket is one of the easiest ways of cutting your fuel bills as it could cut your heat loss by over 75%. Fitting a jacket is a quick and easy job which only takes a short time to complete and jackets can be bought from all DIY stores for a small amount of money.

If you already have a cylinder jacket fitted you still need to check the thickness. as it should always be at least 75mm thick.

Hot water cylinder insulation
10 Maximum lifetime of measure (yrs)

By slipping pipe insulation around your exposed hot water pipes you’ll keep your hot water hotter for longer. Fitting insulation to pipes is easy if the pipes are accessible; if your pipes are hard to reach, you may need professional help.

Pipe insulation are foam tubes that cover the exposed pipes between your hot water cylinder and boiler, reducing the amount of heat lost and therefore keeping your water hotter for longer. It's usually as simple as choosing the right size from your local DIY store and then slipping it around the pipes.

  • Hot water cylinder insulation Advantages

  • Your hot water cylinder will retain heat and keep you water hotter for longer.
  • As the cost of a jacket and pipe insulation material is so cheap, it will take less than 6 months to recoup your initial investment.
  • You will save around 170kg of CO2 per year.

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You can get grants for Hot water cylinder insulation, below are the schemes this is available with.

* According to data sourced from the Energy Saving Trust website.