Conserve High performance external doors

Around 18% of the heat lost from your house is likely to have come from your doors and windows, so significant energy savings can be made by replacing old doors with new ones.

By fitting a high performance external door that is insulated and draught-proofed you can prevent heat from escaping and also reduce outside noise.

High performance external doors illustration
20 Maximum lifetime of measure (yrs)

Like high performance windows, High performance external doors can be constructed in PVC-U, aluminium, timber or a combination of these materials and can be both fully glazed or partially glazed. High performance glazed doors will have double or triple glazed units but they can also be made in a solid style by using timber, aluminuium or composite.High performance external doors contain integrated insulation and an effective draught proofing system so they reduce heat loss and comply with building regulations.

  • High performance external doors Advantages

  • If you fit High performance external doors you will use less fuel and reduce your energy bills.
  • Because high performance external doors are likely to fit much tighter in the door frame than older type doors, they will reduce draughts and cold spots.
  • High performance external doors are highly insulated so can reduce outside noise.
  • High performance external doors reduce condensation build-up on the inside of your home.
  • High performance external doors Disadvantages

  • You will have to have all your existing doors replaced so will have to be prepared for the disruption and mess this causes.
  • Replacing a standard older style door with a High performance external doors requires a large outlay which can take quite a while to recoup back .

Available with

You can get grants for High performance external doors, below are the schemes this is available with.

* According to data sourced from the Energy Saving Trust website.