Conserve Fan assisted replacement storage heaters

If you have storage heaters in your home, you could save money on your electric bill by changing to more controllable fan assisted models.

Storage heaters work by electric elements heating up dense blocks inside the heater over a period of time (usually overnight). These blocks then release heat slowly into your room

Fan assisted replacement storage heaters

Fan assisted storage heaters are more economical as they are better insulated so they hold the heater inside them for longer. They also have automatic controls which automatically adjust the level of charge needed to compensate for changing weather conditions.

Fan assisted storage heaters also include a fan which takes air through the heater and then discharges this air through a vent in the base of the unit. This means that you can take advantage of an much quicker heat source if needed.

  • Fan assisted replacement storage heaters Advantages

  • Storage heaters are cheaper to install than standard wet central heating systems.
  • Storage heaters do not require annual maintenance or servicing unlike gas or oil systems.
  • Storage heaters have very few working parts to them so do not tend to stop working suddenly leaving you with no heating.
  • Fan assisted storage heaters can be brought and installed separately so you do not need such a large outlay as if you were installing a standard wet heating system.
  • Electric heating is 100% efficient so every unit of electric you pay for, you actually use unlike gas or oil boilers.
  • Storage heaters do not require a flue, expensive pipework or plumbing.
  • Storage heaters do not burn fossil fuels unlike gas or oil boilers so they have a very low safety risk. They also do not generate any carbon monoxide so are not a carbon monoxide threat.
  • Fan assisted replacement storage heaters Disadvantages

  • As fuel costs rise the cost of electric will rise as well.
  • Storage heaters are heavy due to the weight of the bricks inside them.
  • If you have storage heaters you will normally have to be on a off peak economy 7 type tariff to benefit from cheap overnight electricity. This can be a problem if you wish to use a lot of electricity throughout the day as you will be paying a higher daytime rate than a normal standard tariff.

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You can get grants for Fan assisted replacement storage heaters, below are the schemes this is available with.

* According to data sourced from the Energy Saving Trust website.